Veeva Enables AI Partner Hyntelo to Develop Innovative AI Solutions for Life Sciences

Hyntelo Veeva AI Partner

Hyntelo strengthens its partnership with Veeva, the global leader in cloud computing applied to pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. After signing a product partnership, Hyntelo has been chosen as AI Partner. A prestigious collaboration for our company, the only one in Europe to join the Veeva AI Partner Program to accelerate the use of Generative AI in life sciences.

Being recognized as one of Veeva’s first AI partners validates our effort and encourages us to continue on this path. It also opens new opportunities and accelerates innovation, thanks to the tools and resources this partnership provides”, Gianluca Nastasi, Hyntelo CTO & Co-Founder, said.

Committed to product excellence and customer success, Veeva provides more than 1.000 customers in the pharma industry with cloud solutions that deliver new treatments faster to market while maintaining compliance. And now, with its AI Partner Program, the company is taking the industry a step further by providing its partners with access to advanced technologies to develop GenAI solutions seamlessly integrated with Veeva Vault applications.

This recognition is a confirmation of the value our key partner Veeva sees in our AI-based solutions, contributing to the success of our customers in the Pharma & Life Sciences industry”, Giacomo Filippo Porzio, Hyntelo CEO & Co-Founder, said. 

Giacomo Filippo Porzio continues: “As pioneers with over 10 years of experience in Analytics and AI, in both academic research and business, we embedded AI and Gen AI features in our Lyriko platform, by design, in all its modules. Moreover, Lyriko is natively integrated with Veeva CRM and Vault PromoMats, enabling quick time-to-value and superior performance. Faster access to data, via DirectData API, will enable us to address even more leading-edge use cases based on Veeva Vault CRM and PromoMats data. We are eager to continue the discussion of such use cases with our partners, prospects and clients.”

Each Lyriko module covers a specific need of the customer lifecycle.

Lyriko ‘Tagging’ module includes diverse features that help optimizing multimedia contents in all their aspects: automatic video tagging and content summarization, content translation for localization in different markets, content dashboards, Omni-channel Content Orchestration, Sales Reps and MSL conversational support”, explains Giacomo Filippo Porzio.

Besides Lyriko ‘Tagging’, the Suggestions’ module is designed to manage large amounts of promotional content in compliance with the Next Best Action paradigm, providing a customer-centric approach that enhances marketing and sales journeys, offering engaging content to HCPs that help them with their daily communication with patients.

‘LyrikoGPT’, instead, provides access to CRM data and content through a conversational interface. Thanks to the ‘Segmentation’ model, marketing teams can create dynamic target audiences to study their specific needs in detail. Finally, by leveraging ‘Lyriko MLR Review support’ medical, legal and regulatory teams can expedite the approval process for promotional materials.

As for Lyriko, all solutions designed by Hyntelo are highly customizable, enabling customers to set up models according to their specific needs. That’s why pharma companies choose our solutions: MSD, Organon, Novo Nordisk and Takeda are just some of the firms that chose our innovative approach to the industry.

To celebrate the commitment made with the launch of this new AI partnership, Hyntelo will soon engage in activities and promotions related to AI in the pharma industry with the aim of enabling companies to experience firsthand the benefits of AI applied to the industry. First step, we will hold a webinar next month in collaboration with Veeva, to talk about the use of AI solutions for pharmaceutical companies, its potential and its big impact. We will shortly share the date of this event and the registration form on our social media channels. Stay tuned!